Jonathan Parker

Master The Art Of Letting Go And Open The Door To Synchronicity and Miracles

Special Guided Meditation

If you’re ready to step outside the status quo and dare to trust the unimaginable perfection of life, you must first learn the
Art of Surrender

This exceptional meditation/invocation contains a unique approach that I’ve refined in my classes and retreats over the past 3 decades.

You’ll be guided to release and heal negative mental/emotional pain so can shift to a higher perspective and begin living a joyous and remarkable life.

Ultimately, as you will soon discover, surrender is the answer to your every question, every frustration, every pain, and every block.

During this exclusive 40-minute lesson and transformative meditation, you will:

  • Experience a potent energy transmission to shift you into higher frequencies of consciousness and free you from your mental and emotional turmoil
  • Choose an issue in your life that wants to be released and healed and be guided to dissolve your limited thoughts and perspective to receive the higher and unlimited soul's view
  • Experience deep acceptance, humility and a willingness to let your soul presence restore grace to your life so all you feel is gratitude and appreciation for what is
  • Learn how to consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently allow and accept (surrender) so you can experience joy, peace, well-being and fulfillment far beyond your imagination

Effortless success is what’s possible when you learn the right way to let go.

Consciously utilizing the "seemingly magical" power of surrender will turn your life into an exciting, fulfilling, joy-filled miracle producing journey.

I want this for you…

I want you to know what it feels like to experience a fundamental shift in your consciousness – one that opens a deep soul connection in all areas of your life. As you may know, I’ve been teaching people surrender practices for over 35 years in my sold-out mediation retreats and classes.

And that’s exactly why I created this very special opportunity for you…

Let Go: The Dynamic Way of Surrender

A Special 40 Minute Guided Meditation in Video Format (mp4)

I’ve spent more than three decades refining specific techniques to help you connect with your Soul and eliminate the negative patterns that no longer serve your best Self. In other words, they really work…

During this intimate 40-minute guided meditation, you will:

  • Learn intermediate-level clearing and releasing techniques
  • Find yourself automatically shifting into a higher state of being in the flow
  • Be guided to let go of whatever is blocking you – even complex issues
  • Find out how to live more from your heart so you live a joyous and remarkable life
  • Experience a profound inflow of peace, love, and light washing through you

Join me now and purchase Let Go: The Dynamic Way of Surrender for only $17.

YES! I want The Dynamic Way of Surrender

(special 40 minute guided meditation in video format)

Only $47  $17

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What My Students Are Saying…

“You have gently led me from a place of deep unworthiness and shame to the most holy place of self-awareness and unconditional love.”

– Sue M, Texas

You are wonderful and generous. This was one of the best explanations and meditations on surrender I have ever experienced.”

– Pam W., Arizona

“The biggest shift in my life is that I am able to give and receive unconditional love again. Thank you! I will never be able to thank you enough for being a wonderful model and helping me heal not only myself, but my family and the whole of humanity."

– Judy H., Minnesota

“You've shown us all by example what unconditional love is really all about.  I'm feeling in touch with my soul, and now understanding how truly beautiful life can be when in this state.  You're a wonderful role model and a gifted teacher.”

– M.S., New Jersey

“I moved into a blissful state that felt like “being in love” but without the fixation and roller coaster emotions that have accompanied that state for me in the past.  New spiritual realms opened up to me.”

– K.H., Nevada

Now, I invite you to take the next step on this journey. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity for only $17.

From the heart,



YES! I want The Dynamic Way of Surrender

(special 40 minute guided meditation in video format)

Only $47  $17

Other Offers and Discounts Do Not Apply


Secure-Server   All orders are processed on a secure server.