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Learn the Secret to Finally Clear YOUR Blocks that Keep You Stuck

If you want to live in higher frequencies of the Soul, where clarity, love, happiness and good luck are your reality…there is a little known secret

This secret lies in learning How to LET GO of your “old stories”—the subconscious energetic programming—at a deep soul level.

When you do this, you can......

Transform Nearly Any Area of Your Life...

Together, we will remove your obstacles to wealth, opportunities, luck and fulfillment by dissolving things like:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Guilt and worry
  • Anger and resentment
  • Depression and futility
  • Criticism and blame

Then, through proven guided meditation sessions we’ll work together to replace your old stories with new-enlightened ones that include:

  • Lasting inner confidence
  • Profound love & deep peace
  • Flow and synchronicity
  • Core Soul Connection
  • And ultimate freedom

Learning to LET GO the right way is really the only way to permanently break free from the struggle that negatively impacts you today.

It is the simplest pathway to rid yourself of struggling, feeling stuck, and disconnected to feel the peace, power, and potential of your soul…without endless searching…

Now, imagine what you’ll feel like when you join me in this life-changing exploration. I will guide you through my 5-Step Golden Surrender Process to eliminate the roadblocks that keep the story of struggle alive in your life.

caroline-pohotoI am in awe of the meditations
and the effect they have had on Sean (my husband) and I. Its like living in the same world but having a totally different experience – love. …were both moved to tears by the all encompassing peaceful, open, and loving atmosphere that we found ourselves in… It was such a phenomenal experience, and truly has had a lasting impact on us.   — Caroline V., Iowa

Give Me Just 8 Hours to Show You The Power & Potential Of Your Soul

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • You’ll be amazed how you shift when you energize your highest spiritual self with simple techniques
  • When you neutralize negative energies in your life, you’ll effortlessly manifest your best life, love, and relationships
  • With the surprising benefits of mindfulness you’ll extend the benefits of meditation throughout your entire day
  • Experience what it feels like to really let go. When you do you’ll eliminate barriers and remove obstacles. Watch your world change right before your very eyes…
  • Discover how it feels to get out of your head and into your heart
  • Realize your deep inner truth revealing greater goodness, greater fulfillment, greater love, greater happiness, greater peace, greater joy, greater fun, greater creative expression, and greater spiritual inspiration; in fact, as much goodness as you can conceive will become a part of your experience
  • There’s even more…so keep reading…

A Note From Jonathan Parker

Listen, even though today I’ve been very successful helping thousands of people let go of their repetitive negative patterns like fear, guilt, depression, anger, and feeling blocked spiritually, financially, and in their relationships; my life wasn’t always like this…

I was EXACTLY like you are in so-many-ways.

Wow, I had really found something!

It took me nearly 40 years of research, practice, and energy work, to discover this release process that will take you off the merry-go-round of endless frustrations and help you achieve ultimate peace and unshakable inner confidence.

You will effortlessly flow through your daily responsibilities feeling satisfied, joyful and at peace with each experience you encounter. I've had past clients call it "the magic flow" and I want this for you, too!

The First Thing You Need to Know…

I created this easy-to-apply process for you. This includes what I’ve learned from doing tens of thousands of private counseling sessions. And it’ll allow you to access your deepest potential, and radically transform your life. Your end result will be a soul-connected and happy, abundant, and purposeful life.

I’m talking about the same process I’ve used myself and guided thousands of private clients through so they could eliminate their repetitive negative patterns. This opens you to tap into a far more expanded potential than you ever imagined possible.

Truly invaluable!

Are You Beginning to See the Possibilities?

You can learn how to lift the curse of negative energetic patterns that keep you stuck.

I’ll guide you in this unique program so you can:

  • Open your Heart and live in ever-expanding love and intimacy to enrich your relationships
  • Connect with the power of your Soul to be your inner healer and guide
  • Deepen your trust in life so you feel safe like you’ve never known
  • Open your intuition to guide you to know your next best step and destiny
  • Release the grip of fear and anxiety to feel peaceful and happy
  • Rid yourself of struggling and feeling stuck to feel true freedom
  • Stop worrying so you can be in the incredible present moment
  • Finally, find lasting peace of mind
  • …And, a whole lot more!

Through session after session I’ll walk you through each essential step you need to synchronize your life with the deepest source of freedom, happiness, and love that lives in your soul.

With each session you’ll be entertained, educated, and empowered to transform from the inside out.

But this is just the beginning...

I want you to see exactly what I have planned for you:

The Secret of Letting Go

8 hours of in-depth discussion & meditation to help you finally "Let It Go"

Session 1

Discussion & Meditation:


Through surrendering you can let go of all the forces that are not producing answers to why your life isn’t working the way you want. If you have had any pain, difficulty, or disappointments in your past you need to know the effective way to surrender in order to heal it.

  • With this very first session you will move rapidly into an understanding of not only what to deeply let go and surrender, but you’ll be guided in how to do it
  • Session 1 contains the 11 critical mind-hooks that must be surrendered to break free
  • In addition to clearing the causes of problems with the surrender technique you’ll also initiate a shift in your consciousness to experience more love, happiness, and freedom
  • You’ll learn the most overlooked vital key essential for surrender to work effectively

Session 2

Discussion & Meditation:


The ego operating inside of you is why you feel out-of-touch with your soul and spirit. It creates layers that filter and cloud your connection with the wonderful being you are inside. The ego is the underlying cause of guilt, anger, fear, depression, abandonment, and every other block and limitation you have

  • This session will help you eliminate negative forces and replace them with the highest awareness of your soul
  • Engage the crucial solution to break free from belief programs that limit you
  • You’ll be guided through 5 important components to dismantle the negative ego
  • I’ll help you connect to the power of your soul where you’ll experience life in a beautifully elevated state that is peaceful, spacious, loving, and radiant. Your experience will be living with an open-hearted lightness of being

Session 3

Discussion & Meditation:


You will discover a way of living when you are guided to let go of every distraction and fragment of resistance. You’ll dissolve the power of old painful feelings, memories, and reactions as you erase the barrier to your enlightened self.

  • Discover how to live in synchronicity with the flow of life
  • Learn how to drop your painful stories, judgments, and misperceptions that torture you
  • Be gently guided to enter the realm where all is still and quiet as you mindfully settle into the peaceful now moment

Session 4

Discussion & Meditation:


If you have been struggling with limiting patterns repeating in your life, your solution is to become an expert in surrender. When you are surrendered you open yourself to allow the universe to bring you every good thing.

  • The most powerful and liberating catalyst for inner transformation happens through deep surrender. In fact, liberation and freedom are not even possible without surrender—it is that important!
  • You'll free your mind's resistance to surrender
  • How you can avoid the pitfalls that prevent most people from effectively surrendering
  • Surrender reveals trust in the highest power and opens you to receive all good things. It’s the magical ingredient that opens the doors to the highest spiritual realizations and this session guides you in exactly the right way to do it
  • Learn the 5 vital keys to successfully surrendering to transform your life

…the sessions become more profound
the deeper into the program you go!

Session 5

Discussion & Meditation:


Karma is working on you right now, whether you believe in it or not, or whether you know anything about it or not. Karma is all the forces you have set in motion by your past thoughts and actions. Most of the karmic energies affecting you are held at a subconscious level. And you most likely don’t even know the majority of what those forces are.

  • The process in this session is vital for you to find and release all your negative patterns
  • You will release karma with friends, children, parents, and other relationships that need healing
  • You will also be guided to neutralize any negative factors that may be affecting your life and relationships today

Session 6

Discussion & Meditation:


The spiritual path is a path of self-discovery, aligning, allowing, and receiving rather than doing. As you open to your soul you’ll grow clearer through letting go of every obstacle. And that leads to healing and a wonderfully fulfilling life.

  • This session guides you to align with your innate higher soul awareness
  • As your soul reflects through your heart, you’ll automatically unfold into greater peace, harmony, happiness, contentment, joy, and love
  • As you deepen your soul tuning alignment skills, you will attune yourself to deep peace, kindness, and blessings

Session 7

Discussion & Meditation:


Few have realized the deep love in the core of their soul. You know it when it is present because it is a peaceful, creative, acceptant, and empowering presence. Your journey of self-discovery is about realizing soul love.

This guided session takes you to the deepest spiritual love which dissolves all suffering and struggling.

  • Discover how deep love is your key to a peaceful, creative, and transformational presence
  • Realize deep love and how it’s your key to your pathway home
  • This session opens your heart to grace, presence, and deep love

Session 8

Discussion & Meditation:


You arrive at your very natural awakened state by becoming free from negative emotions and the mind’s need for being right, judging, analyzing, and being in control.

  • As you awaken, your mind settles, and the deep secrets in the soul emerge as the unity and oneness of all things is realized
  • You will discover that what is called the "enlightened" or "awakened mind" is actually your natural state of "being"
  • This session will guide you into the process of awakening to many of the classical states of enlightenment such as oneness, unconditional love, fulfillment, happiness, and deep peace


You're Not Just Getting "The Secret of Letting Go" When You Order Today

I have additional bonuses for you...

Bonus #1 - Study Guide

Each discussion and meditation also comes with a downloadable study guide with notes and exercises. The guide will help you receive the most benefit from your meditations, and to assist you in arriving at a state of being more clear, empowered, and soul centered. In addition, the guide will help you identify and attain what you would like to be different in your life, what you would like to release, and how to attain the spiritual goals you have.

Bonus #2  - The Soul Solution Method E-Book

You’ll also receive my E-Book Titled "The Soul Solution Method" that delivers a 7 Step System for Activating Inner Wisdom & Gracefully Addressing Daily Life Challenges. The results of this method set in motion the forces to attract all the wonderful, abundant, and beautiful things to your life that you want as well as create deep love, fulfillment, and harmony.

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Praise for Jonathan’s Work…

Michael Bernard Beckwith Michael Bernard Beckwith , author of “Spiritual Liberation"

Illumined by direct experience, Jonathan Parker takes us on a deep exploration of the soul, demonstrating a remarkable convergence with the profound spiritual states of consciousness reported across centuries and cultures…

Larry Dossey, MD Larry Dossey, MD , author of “Healing Words"

Deep within each individual is a source of wisdom that can help us lead a fulfilled, joyful life.  Jonathan Parker’s The Soul Solution is a practical guide to accessing this glorious dimension in our desire to lead a meaningful existence.

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., , Professor of Energy Medicine

...All of us need to cultivate our connection with our soul. The Soul Solution offers us a superb path to integrate the wisdom of our soul with our individual life path, allowing stressful issues to be, as Jonathan Parker writes, ‘dissolved by the Soul’.

Marc Allen Marc Allen, author of “The Greatest Secret of All”

The Soul Solution is a beautiful, heartfelt, clear, wonderful guide to resolving our problems and challenges in life. Jonathan Parker shows us that the solution is simple, something everyone can do. I highly recommend this book to everyone on the entire planet.

All from the Convenience of Your Own Home

Lifetime Access to the Discussions & Meditations

The Secret of Letting Go is as convenient as it is powerful.

Because the lessons and meditation are all delivered online, you can watch and listen from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose). Every session is available online for a lifetime, and you can also download the entire program as well. 

You can also stream all of the sessions from your computer, smart phone, or mobile device. That means you’re in control – of your space and your time.

The Secret of Letting Go is Simple, Yet Powerful, and it Will Work for You EVEN IF You:

  • Believe you don’t have time
  • Have a busy mind
  • Have trouble sitting still
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • Are overwhelmed with negative emotions
  • Are under a lot of stress
  • Or, even if you don’t believe it will work…
  • It will still work…
  • And, even if you believe you’ve seen and tried everything

Now, let me tell you what The Secret of Letting Go is NOT…

So you will understand exactly what you are about to experience. The Secret of Letting Go is not:

  • It is NOT a complicated process that requires you to learn a lot of new steps…
  • It is NOT a religious practice…
  • It is NOT a new belief system...
  • It is NOT self-hypnosis, NLP, or EFT tapping
  • and it is definitely NOT difficult to do, or something that takes a lot of time.

It is a solution that has been proven to work.

…I KNOW you can be happier and more peaceful.

More Comments from those Who've Experienced Jonathan's Guided Soul Solution Process


It was the clearest explanation I’ve heard on the “soul.” You have a way of making a complex topic clear and understandable to anyone regardless of the level of their understanding.

-- Devrah Laval


"Everything has changed so much since the retreat. I feel more secure, happy, humbler, and more understanding. I also feel more grounded and lighter.

– Linda T., Santa Barbara, California


“The gate to self-discovery and spiritual awareness has opened now and can never be taken away. What I have found is priceless to me.”

– Lisa S., California


“I have never felt so much love and acceptance as well as a feeling of true knowing.”

-- Michael, New York


“Phenomenal—an experience beyond words. I cannot place a monetary value on the truths revealed or the release of negativity. It was such a relief to let go, and actually feel empowered to demand that all this past negativity leave me. This is quite a change from hoping, wishing, or praying that life will get better.”

-- Claudia, Pennsylvania


“The process of letting go of blocks was one that was extremely helpful to me. How wonderful it was to remove the ‘hooks’ that people along my path had dug into me. I have always experienced a lot of back pain and through the process of removing those ‘hooks,’ I have felt a tremendous relief in my back. I am also thankful for your teachings because I am able to pass them on to my children.”

-- Mary J., Bayville, New Jersey


“The ‘dark night of the soul’ is over. . I feel the peace and strength and I bask in the love and joy I found. Now I know what ‘getting saved’ really means!” 

-- Dorothy M., Florence, Alabama


“I’m experiencing deep healing and greater, enhanced loving with my partner. Probably the single most important thing that I have gained is the experience, the certainty of the power of love to heal ANYTHING. There is certainty in my heart now, a recognition that if I could be healed of lifetimes of murderous drama, violence, rape, incest...anyone can be healed. Thank you.” 

-- Chaela S., Seattle, Washington


“The realization and mind expansion is beyond words and all other experiences.”

-- Kelso, Arizona


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