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Hi Friend,

Jonathan Parker here. I’m so excited to be able to share my surrender process with you.

When you learn how to apply this simple, yet powerful technique, you will feel more energized, positive, and optimistic.

You’ll find an easy happiness in your day. Better flow. More alignment. And doors of opportunity, passion, and wonder will effortlessly open for you in your inner and outer worlds.

I believe miracles, synchronicity, and deep happiness can become YOUR daily reality. You can live in the Flow of the Incredible NOW.

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Jonathan Parker, Ph.D.
CEO Quantum Quests, Inc.

What Other’s Are Saying

Phenomenal—an experience beyond words. I cannot place a monetary value on the truths revealed or the release of negativity. The energy surpassed anything I had experienced on an individual level. It was such a relief to let go, and actually feel empowered to demand that all this past negativity leave me. This is quite a change from hoping, wishing, or praying that life will get better.

– Claudia, Pennsylvania

How wonderful it was to remove the ‘hooks’ that people along my path had dug into me.

– Mary J., Bayville, New Jersey

Finally all doubts, guilt, and fears have been released. I feel love toward everybody and everything. The peace and tranquility is exorbitant.

– Elma, California

You have given me a powerful tool which in itself releases stress in a huge way, knowing I can deal with anything that crops up. A HUGE thank you.

– Wanda

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