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(Core Issues Lie Beneath Your Triggers and Cause You the Most Pain, Conflict, Frustration and Upset)

Just like the layers of an onion, you are comprised of layers of energy patterns. On your journey to becoming the maximum expression of yourself, you started with the most outer layer--your triggers.

Now, you must peel away another layer and look beneath your triggers, at your Core Issues.

Core issues are the heavy baggage, blocks, and deep-rooted patterns that were ingrained during childhood.

They are often unconscious and only come to the surface when we’re under stress, which is why it can be difficult to discover what they really are on your own.

But, the good news is your whole life can change when you discover and clear your core issues. When you discover and clear your core issues, you will stop behaving as though the destructive patterns are true. Then and only then, will your True Self, or Soul become your main operating system.

Fact is, if you’re serious about experiencing your life in a NEW WAY, you need to take the next step…

If you want to discover ultimate freedom, you must master the entire surrender process and that means uncovering your deeply rooted core issues.

When you uncover your core issues, you will find out how to:

  • Erase obstacles to your happiness
  • Overcome emotions like anger, fear, and depression
  • Eliminate unhappiness, sadness and melancholy from your life
  • Transcend your worries, everyday stresses and feelings of not being good enough

This is what’s possible when you become aware of the hidden patterns lurking in your subconscious and clear them the right way.

I want this for you…

I want you to know what it feels like to experience a fundamental shift in your consciousness – one that opens a deep soul connection in all areas of your life.

As you may know, I’ve been teaching people how to let go for over 40 years in my sold-out meditation retreats and classes.

But you and I may have just met. I totally understand if you’re not quite ready to commit to one of my in-person live programs yet.

And that’s exactly why I created this very special opportunity for you…

Uncover Your Core Issues from Your Past that Perpetuate Negative Emotions & Experiences 

I’ve spent four decades refining specific techniques to help you connect with your Soul and eliminate the negative patterns that no longer serve your best Self.

In other words, they really work…

I’m offering this exceptional training and guided discovery process to you for only $17.

Get your copy now. Discover Your Core Issues.

Access the Course However You'd Like

This program is a 50 minute video including discussion, guided meditation and study guide. View it online or download it. (Downloads offered in video and mp3 audio format).


YES! I want to Discover My Core Issues


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What My Students Are Saying…

“You have gently led me from a place of deep unworthiness and shame to the most holy place of self-awareness and unconditional love.”

– Sue M, Texas

You are wonderful and generous. This was one of the best explanations and meditations on surrender I have ever experienced.”

– Pam W., Arizona

“The biggest shift in my life is that I am able to give and receive unconditional love again. Thank you! I will never be able to thank you enough for being a wonderful model and helping me heal not only myself, but my family and the whole of humanity."

– Judy H., Minnesota

“You've shown us all by example what unconditional love is really all about.  I'm feeling in touch with my soul, and now understanding how truly beautiful life can be when in this state.  You're a wonderful role model and a gifted teacher.”

– M.S., New Jersey

“I moved into a blissful state that felt like “being in love” but without the fixation and roller coaster emotions that have accompanied that state for me in the past.  New spiritual realms opened up to me.”

– K.H., Nevada

YES! I want to Discover My Core Issues


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